Sochi 2014 (maybe they needed until 2018 to finish preparations)


sochi rings


The Winter Olympic Games – What a great opportunity to bring the nations together and for the host country to show all of the wonderful things they have to offer the word.

(apparently Russia wasn’t aware of the second half of that statement)

About a week ago, journalists were starting to settle into their accommodations anxious for the excitement of the Olympic games to start. I think we were all aware that Sochi, Russia way not be as luxurious as Aspen or the French Alps, but the conditions people are experiencing there are really quite shocking.

skier toilet


Missing door nobs, no water, stray dogs, oh my. The Olympics could have helped bring some notoriety to this Russian city and helped boost their tourism. However, I think it’s safe to say that the recent publicity is doing very little for Sochi’s tourism market.

So by now it is safe to say that the Olympic Committee is in the middle of a crisis, after all they did choose Sochi as the venue for this year’s games. Now what do they do?

  • Luckily the Olympics produce so much press that these stories are going to be buried pretty quickly—this will certainly help
  • Issue a statement: Ask public for their patience and understanding about the situation. Explain that Russia may have different standards than the United States and many of the other countries. Instead talk about how much Russia has done over the past years: the advancements they have made and what really went in to getting the city ready
  • Finally: please supply lightbulbs, doorknobs, bottled water, and other luxury items like these to all of the tourists that are missing them

One last thing:

Please get someone to put a cover on this manhole!