Dennis Rodman, do you hate your publicist?

Dennis Rodman

Is it just me or have we been hearing that name a little too often over the past few months? So how has this 52 year old, cross-dressing, former NBA star made his way back into the spotlight? By befriending one of the most hated men in the world, North Korean president, Kim Jong Un.

Talk about a publicist’s nightmare.



When first hearing of Rodman’s trips to North Korea for ‘basketball diplomacy’ I was skeptical but thought that it may be a good idea. Reasoning with the communist leader did not always go as planned, but maybe we could connect with him through one of his personal interests.

So they became friends, kind of weird but not too surprising seeing that we are talking about Dennis Rodman here. You know, that guy that wore this get up to his own book signing.



But it’s what happened earlier this month that really caused some damage to his public perception. Comments were made by Rodman defending the nation’s detention of an American citizen. In November, 2012 Kenneth Bae, a tour-guide leader) was arrested and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea for allegations that he was attempting to overthrow the government through religion. Many Americans hoped that Rodman’s presence in the nation may lead to a release of the prisoner.

So now what? Shortly after the incident Rodman’s publicist issued a statement to The Associated Press on Rodman’s behalf apologizing to Kenneth Bae’s family and stating that he takes full responsibility for what he said. He also stated that he had been drinking that day and that his judgement was impaired.

Saturday the story hit that Rodman had checked himself into an alcohol rehabilitation center.

I believe that Rodman’s publicist took the right steps issuing a statement and I would assume advising him to seek treatment for alcohol abuse.┬áSo what advice can I offer him now? Unless Rodman is able to pull some strings and actually get Bae out of prison, I think it would be best for him to lie low for a while and then slowly try to rebuild his image.

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